Sight glasses for inspection of oil and liquid

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The maximum working pressure recommended for IGLOO indicators is 48 bar and the maximum leakrate guaranteed is 1 gram/year of refrigerant.
Tests conducted in an accredited external laboratory show that IGLOO sight glasses normally break at 290 bar (4,200 psi) without exploding and demostrate that the actual leakrate at 48 bar is actually sensibly lower than 1 gram/year.


IGLOO sight glasses are not detachable: the glass is crimped with a gasket into the forged brass body.

The crystal

The large crystal through which you can see the fluid is constituted by a crystal of high purity and low permeability to refrigerants able to mantain all of its chemical-physical characteristics during the whole life of the product.
The mechanical strength of the crystal matrix is increased by several steps of heat treatments carried out during the preparation and the safety factor used in the engineering phase is over 4 times higher than the minimum required by the industry regulations.


EN 12165 Hot forged brass for the body, Special tempered glass for the lens, Special PTFE (Teflon©) for the glass gasket and, for sweat version only, EN 12735-1 Copper Cu-DHP for the copper extra-long swaged connection.