Process capabilities


IGLOO is one of the most verticalized manufacturers of components for the AC&R industry, this is a fact.
A process constantly kept under the direct control, from the hot-forging and turning of the primary materials until the final inspection of the assembled parts, has enormous advantages such as the abilities to handle customer urgencies, shorten lead time, be more flexibile and offer infinite customization possibilities.

Economies of scale

Economists explain it as the cost advantages that an enterprise obtains due to volumes. Strategists and managers call it synergy to reduce unit cost. Entrepreneurs call it competitivity.
Some outsourced manufacturing steps are processed by our mother-company, which is in the business since 1968 and focused investing to continuously develop heavy manufacturing and to lean production by automation.
The excess of the production capacity installed is used to produce OEM industrial products for application in several industries such as automotive, appliances, beverage and fluid control industries.


As group of companies IGLOO operates in many different industries such as gas equipment, water plants, automotive parts, spare components for appliances, custom parts for beer and coofee machines, taps, water meters, valves and special controls such as scuba-diving equipment and welding regulators.
Our diversification among different industries has been a good strategy against seasonality, because thanks to this our unique characteristic we are constantly operative all the year-round.
No peak season for our costumers means a stability and reliability, during the year and for the next years.