1. Building a sustainable society

Since the founding of our parent company in 1968, we have been carrying out all of our business activities following our management philosophy which commits us to making a contribution to improve our performances in reducing the impact on the environment of our industrial activities.

“Shifting to a sustainable society” has become a matter of great concern to people all around the world, against the backdrop of such things as deteriorating global environmental conditions, worries about the depletion of resources and the rapid growth of emerging countries.

2. Creating value through innovation

Our commitment to lead the way in bringing about a green revolution that will start with our everyday lives, as we continue to make various proposals to provide safety and peace of mind as well as comfort to people’s lives in a sustainable way. We believe that this is surely the right approach for us to take in putting our management philosophy into practice in today’s world.

In order to fulfill this commitment, Pe Giovanni’s spin-off IGLOO has announced its aim of being the Greenest Innovation Company among the industry. To realize this vision as we move toward 2018, the 50th anniversary of our founding, we will make the “environment” central to all of our business activities and strive to integrate our environmental contribution and business growth.

To be more exact, we will contribute to realizing a sustainable society through two kinds of innovation: “Green Life Innovation” to help realize green lifestyles to enrich people’s lives through our “ideas,” and “Green Business Innovation” to help reduce the environmental impact of our own business activities to the greatest extent possible and to recommend that this kind of business style be taken up across society.

3. Think green

Our company has carried out a large-scale business reorganization covering our entire group of Companies, and now, in May 2012, we are beginning to work under a new business organization. Under the new organization, we are firmly determined to create solutions for Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Industry by making the most of all the products, systems, and services which our Company possesses.

Always keeping in mind our brand slogan, “Think green” all of us working in the IGLOO will strive forward together offering technologies that will enrich the green technology content of OEM companies around the world, and we will make continued efforts to take up the challenge of contributing to a better future for our planet and to the further progress of society.

We promise to pursue these aims.