Helium leak testing technology


Out-of-process controls are performed on the 100% of the products at the end of the production cycles. The products are checked one-by-one to ensure a zero-defects production.

Helium leak testing

The technology adopted to measure the leakrate of IGLOO products is compliant to the standard EN 1779.B6 “helium leak test, full integral”, that is sensibly more accurate than traditional “bubble test” performed placing pieces under the level of water.
Among the advantages of this Helium leak-testing tehcnology there is the fact that go/no-go acceptance is not subjective and undependant by operators ability as tradition tests and it avoids moisture to penetrate inside the finished products due to unappropriate handling because pieces are maintained dry during processing.

The precision of IGLOO Helium leak-testing technology is about 100 times more accurate than bubble tests under water and can be equipared to the precision necessary to detect a leakage of 1 drop of water in 40 years, that equals to about 1 gram of refrigerant per year.