Cross access fittings

Cross access fittings SAE Flare 45°. Forged brass

Primary material: Forged brass EN 12165

Standard and regulation reference: PED 97/23/CE, RoHS 2002/95/CE, REACH Reg. 1907/2006, EN378-2:2008, SAE-FIT, SAE 45° J513-92, NPT ANSI B.1.20.1

Application: Suitable for air-conditioners and refrigerating systems that work with refrigerant proper to the group II Article 9, 2.2 of the PED Directive 97/23/CE, referring to the Directive 67/548/CEE. ( tested with the following: R12, R22, R134a, R404A, R407C, R410A, R502, R507, CO2 R744, R32 ). Not suitable for Ammonia R717

Working condition:
Max working pressure 45 bar (650 psi)
Temperature range -40°C to +150°C (-40°F to 300°F)

Risk category according to Pressure Equipment Directive PED 97/23/CE: Article 3 Paragraph 3

Drawing Part number Side with
SAE Flare
    3x O.D. I.D. 1x Thread    
CC-01 CC-01 1/4″     NPT 1/8″
ext (male)
50 48
CC-02 1/4″     NPT 1/4″
ext (male)
50 48
CC-03 CC-03 1/4″   6mm   44 48
CC-04 CC-04 1/4″     Swivel
Nut 1/4″
58 48


The access fittings can be supplied with internal mechanisms and caps assembled.

CC Cross access fitting valves