Ball valves for refrigerants

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The Maximum Working Pressure (MWP or PS) recommended for IGLOO standard ball valves is 45bar (650psi), while for IGLOO reinforced ball valves is 48bar (700psi) and for both we guarantee a leakrate under 1 gram/year of refrigerant
During lab tests, IGLOO ball valves broke over the impressive pressure of 300bar (4,350psi): the security factor adopted is more than 6X, among the highest in the industry


IGLOO ball valves have a complitely hermetic construction to prevent refrigerant leakage. It’s not possible to dissassembly IGLOO ball valves because the forged brass body is leak-proof sealed by TIG welding.
The spindle with 2 o-rings is mounted from inside and can’t be ejected by overpressure.
The internal ball has a balanced ports construction in order to facilitate the opening and closing operations under high-pressure condition


EN 12165 Hot forged brass for the body and the cap, Special Teflon© PTFE and specific Chloroprene CR (Neoprene©) rubber (HNBR rubber on request) for the internal gaskets, EN 12735-1 Copper Cu-DHP for the copper extra-long swaged connection and coated steel / stainless steel for internal metal components


  1. TIG welding assembly for an extreme sealing
  2. Clean capillary brazed copper extensions
  3. Teflon ® PTFE coated o-rings
  4. Double o-ring spindle
  5. Valve seat of special Teflon ® PTFE
  6. Access port available on all sizes
  7. Bi-directional flow
  8. Full port available on all sizes
  9. Internally equalized, balanced ports
  10. Burst-proof spindle internally mounted
  11. Threaded holes for panel mounting
  12. One-piece seal cap made of solid brass
  13. Wiring cap in compliance to European Safety Directive EN 378
  14. 1/4 turn from open to closed position, with rotation stop and position indicator
  15. Suitable for all CFC, HCFC and HFC refrigerants and Carbon Dioxide CO2 R744 (sub-critical). Not suitable for Ammonia (R717)